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A Banyuls at Obama’s table in Paris

A Banyuls was the Sommelier’s pick for dessert for Barack Obama and Francois Hollande’s dinner on 30 November at L’Ambroisie, a 3-Michelin-starred restaurant in the heart of Paris’ famous Marais area. The 2 French Chefs, Mathieu and Bernard Pacaud, prepared a special meal celebrating France’s  [ read more... ]

Christmas Muscat is out

On 19 November, eager Christmas lovers will get a taste of magic with the release of the much anticipated 2015 Muscat de Noel. Muscat de Noel (“Christmas Muscat”), made by winegrowers in the Roussillon region of France, is a special designation within the AOP Muscat  [ read more... ]

Roussillon Wines Halloween Cocktails on NBC

The Men Who Dine, Alan Watts and Gennaro Pecchia, presented the Poison Cherry cocktail to NBC’s Pat Battle on Sunday 25 October. Fortified Sweet Wine-based cocktails are the perfect treat for adults on Halloween. Watch the video and find out about the recipe  [ read more... ]

2015: A simply exceptional vintage for Roussillon Wines!

The 2015 vintage is much anticipated in Roussillon! Quality and most of all quantity are right on the mark. Its every aspects; including balance, volume, pronounced fruit characteristics, aromatic complexity and its lovely freshness; are very promising. Click here to download the full  [ read more... ]